I was beamed aboard the starship Enterprise
What I felt what I saw was a total surprise
I looked around and wondered can this be
Or is this the start of my insanity

Oh but it's true
As we went warp factor 2
And I met all of the crew
Where's Captain Kirk

I went to the bridge and we were tossed about
In the storm of the vortex I was hit with a doubt
I saw in a dream in a memory of mine
Was it you was it me who was in all the time

Spock pulled me through
As we went warp factor 2
And someone I saw I knew
Who's Captain Kirk

So when I awoke from the dangers of space
I looked and I saw a familiar face
The time warp in space made a change in me
For I was the captain and the captain was me

Yes it's so true
As we went warp factor 2
The changes I had been through
As Captain Kirk
I'm Captain Kirk
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Where's Captain Kirk Lyrics

Spizzenergi – Where's Captain Kirk Lyrics

Songwriters: Mark Coalfield, Kenneth Robert Spiers
Where's Captain Kirk lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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