Back in the day when I was spittin
For the valves
My 88 was hittin
Definitly no doubt
Been on the stage since the age
Of 1-2
Yeah who were you
Speakin no lies
Yes mesmorized
By the truth
Never understanding
Why there so demanding
Talking there shit
And never gonna lend a hand
Open wide for the tribe
Chillin in the ride
Letting everything subside

We've been around for 5 long years
Gonna get it right
This time there's no fucking around
Gonna get it right
Were gonna
Gonna get it right

Bustin ass
Just you can se us now
Fucking up the sound
And representin O-Town
' to the most
Ill be the host
That spits the most
Rockin coast to coast
Eatin my toast
With my jelly
That's why I got a fat belly
And yes I skate
But I don't have a vallely
So what the heck
When I'm on the mic
Yes I wreck
With the style I project
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Get It Right Lyrics

Spitvalves – Get It Right Lyrics