These elvis impersonators make your trigger finger itch
Kill the lights
Kill the music
(this ain't vegas and you ain't elvis)
You've been blinded by the stars in your eyes
Come on cowboy, blow me away
Blow them away
I'm just dying
I'm just dying to be blown away
You're a high roller
You're a high rock and roller
So you have to show it
And let everyone know it
So raise the stakes, cut the loses, and let it ride
Lady luck has got a crush on you
It's now or never cowboy, don't be gun shy
Face to face
You're so two-faced
You're so fake
Show them the ropes
Show them the ropes to hang themselves
Because i'm dying
I'm dying to see what that trigger finger can do
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This Ain't Vegas And You Ain't Elvis Lyrics

Spitfire – This Ain't Vegas And You Ain't Elvis Lyrics