Is that really you?
Could you be standing there?
Please send a perfect line to catch me in a lie and take me where
I cannot defend what I was trying for...
Or dying for by wishing this would end.

Please, don't say anything (hey now).
'Cause only when my eyes are closed
Do you feel this close to me.

Do you feel scandalous?
Running fingers through my hair.
Knowing inside if I was not there
You'd be somewhere else.
With somebody else.
You fell for less.
Just like I fell for you.

It's not who you are-
It's who you know.
It's not what you are-
It's just what shows.
It's not where you are-
It's who you're with.
It's not when you're here-
It's what you've missed.
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So I Heard You Joined A Convent Lyrics

Spitalfield – So I Heard You Joined A Convent Lyrics

Songwriters: Daniel Lowder, Jose Daniel Romero, Mark Daniel Rose, Thomas J Minich
So I Heard You Joined A Convent lyrics © Another Victory Publishing

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