Comfort thought she'd leave us
And we always knew
In the backs of our minds
In the chalice of time
That we lived a very hopeful lie
Winter is sent
And i can hardly wait for time to bring mend
Why does it always have to disintegrate before the end

Silence bleeds cold
Down the holes down my back
I watched your eyes look pass
The circle, the bend
The way they looked away
With rings on different fingers
And a lessen in your stay
A loss of sentiment for the absence of days
New moments of truth
I saw the real you under the same shade of blue
Thoughts of babies, thoughts of staying
Thoughts of sinking in this hot air balloon

Forcing us out of you
Dissipating into the memory
Of us and you
Here, in me
Of a highschool dream
Backwards goodbyes
Just a puzzle piece to fill the time
And retreat
You're just a number leaving three
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Retrograde Lyrics

Spindle – Retrograde Lyrics

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