Scorn dem!
Ah wah unnu hear bout (x3)

Tell ah gal seh mi ah girl mi nuh fight ova man
From mi lickel bit ah jus so mi tan
This yah gal only wan gi him one
After dat him tun fool cauz him jus get di bomb
Tight pussy gal nuh fight ova man
And everybody kno seh we ah name brand
When mi ah wine mi give di wickedess slam
So mi sorry fi di gal dem out deh weh na no clam

Buddy fi broke, mi love mi fuck yes ah mi dat
Gal fread ah di dick, But ah wah this she ah idiot
Mi put it on and send him home and tell him go pree dat
Him fi kno seh mi no regula cauz mi ah old g-rat
How you ah hot gal and ah fight ova tealy
Di man ah request becauz dem love when mi wheel it
You mussi tink mi mad fi come ah fight over nealy
Weh a dead over mi pussy from di first time him feel it.(ay)


[Verse 2:]:
Mi kno fi do mi ting, mi kno fi gage and pace it
Big dick deh but some woman ah waste it
Gal ah wine fast like ah race it
Mi put it on propa him seh do mek mi taste it
Mi nah no time fi come ah war wit susan
Sh ah fight fi man cauz him ah gi her it 2 grand
Whole leap a millioniare deh yah fi pick and choose from
And mi kno mi keep mi pussy tight like a clam


Di man jus ah dead ova mi natural beauty
Dem look pan mi tatoo, hear him nuh wats up cutie
Him kno seh miz ah gal weh kno mi bedroom beauty
Inna mi lingere dung ah mi knee high bootie
Dah gal deh na no man becuaz she shootie shootie
All if she ah pay him, him nuh wan di fruitie
Di whole ah dem ah dead ova mi name brand pussy
Cauz mi born inna Channel and christing inna Gucci


[Verse:]: Repeat

Course: Fade out
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Fight Over Man Lyrics

Spice – Fight Over Man Lyrics