The sun breathes fire across my neck
It's my sojourn, it's my destiny
Why did you feel the need, who gave you the right
Goddamn it leave me alone

The day you realize
That demons and saints are one,
The world makes perfect sense
Over-come with euphoria,
We need no one but ourselves
Even on the outside,
There are times when you want to come in
Try and try, try as we might
Never seems to just quite fit

It's freezing cold, you've lost your coat
So far away from home
You knew better
You know better
Outsiders keep to their own
Curse the day, live for the night
The moon is hung low, she illuminates my path
Why did you feel the need
What gives you the right
Goddamn it, leave me alone

The sun breathes fire
It's freezing cold
So far away
I'm feeling old
Goddamn it, leave me alone
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Leave Me Alone Lyrics

Speedealer – Leave Me Alone Lyrics