We had so many conversations
About your ex it’s amazing
I know must know more about that girl
Than her next-door neighbor
You only stop when I rolled my eyes
Looking at me like you can’t see why
Come on babes you must be blind, it’s clearer than cling flim
From her sing sing that you ain’t over that ting
They must be acting you must want an Oscar
Are you imposter ‘cause obviously you still love her
And probably you still want her but I won’t stop ya
This is like the army be the best you can be
Spread your wings and fly, go ahead and live your life
I wont stop you that’s no lie

Am I being silly am I imagining it, I can’t TELL
Su’utin aint right and I’m not feeling it, can’t you tell
Lets put it on the table, let’s be honest with it, Can you tell
I think we’re over and I think you’re asking for it, Can you tell

We can never be
You can never
It’s plain to see
That your not over your x x x x x
Your still in love with your x x x x x
That’s why you’re my x

Certain situation are making me wonder,
If you getting it in I mean undercover
I’m too fly to be your lover
If and your x ain't quite over
Maybe we over ‘cause I don’t want more
Cause maybe I'm just feeling like I want another
Maybe pushing you away like covers
You making hot man, gimme some space
Look in my face, do I look like I type to be playing the game
I wasn't born big, I know all the tricks from Brixton to Kingston
Make your link son, it’s on
There is the exit, be quick son
There are too many that wants some
Message me on Facebook, random
Maybe I should get some
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X Marks The Spot Lyrics

Speech Debelle – X Marks The Spot Lyrics

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