You know I'd fight for you then how can I fight someone who isn't even there
I'd fight the world for you
I've had the rest of you but now I want the best you I don't care if that's not fair
Nothing matters but you

Baby I'll fight for you,
You know that I'll provide for you
I've always had an eye for you
Just ask and I will die for you
Because I idol you
Never give you an iou
The I protect you so is simply because I love you
I've never put no one in front of myself
But then I simply look up and see your picture on my shelf
And remind myself that now you're my most priced pocession
And I gotta tell you why cuz I don't wanna leave you guessing
You're like my wings cuz you're what makes me fly
I was in a dark path but you showed me that there's light
And it will be like that as long as you stay by my side
Love's a tough ride but this time I'm holding on tight
Cuz I don't wanna lose you like the girls in my past
This relationship ain't temporary like a cast
Cuz this feeling called love, I want it to last
And if I'll fight for you? You don't even gotta ask cuz


[Verse 2:]
Baby girl you know that I'm a fighter not a lover
But since that day that I met you, you changed my views like no other
Now I know what love is
And I'm no longer loveless
I'm no longer looking at love and just saying fuck this
I guess love's like a wall and I've only seen the bad side
You say it's better on the other side. Now is that right?
And I know sometimes we end our day with a really bad fight
But that only makes me realize how much I need you that night
Now other people may just be trying to break us up
If they're gonna succede then they're gonna need a lot of luck
Cuz we ain't seperating
Our love is never fading
To judge ourselves, 10 out of 5, yeah that's my rating
Cuz we're ment for each other like a shell to a turtle
I've been running away from love but to me you're like a hurdle
You stopped me in my tracks and love finally caught up
But I'm glad cuz when I'm cold we could just coudle up

[Hook:] x2

Verse 3)
Now a lot of girls are after me so I feel like a leperchaun
But I just one, don't wanna catch em all like pokemon
And any obstacle that comes between me and you
I'll find a way to fix it. A clue like scooby doo
I used to be by myself, everyday was de ja vu
But now that I found you and I just feel like starting new
So now girl you're my life, you're the only thing I live for
For you my heart for you grew. Now it's big and red like clifford
Cuz love's a wierd feeling
It makes me start reveilling
The reasons that I love you and how you're one in a million
And if love hurts than I'll take more pain than jesus
All of this because
We'll melt together just like cheese does
I gave you my heart and you gave me your's in return
And how to take care of one is something that I have learned
So I've chosen you and now forever we'll hold hands
Happyly ever after like a fairy tale romance

[Hook:] x2
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Fight For You Lyrics

Southstahh – Fight For You Lyrics

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