I ain't got the last two sentences to this verse
Then just freestyle it
Alright, I can do that
[First Verse (Spm):]
Bring it back, drop the top on the 'Lac
Screw put the tap on the wet Fatback
Got the black gat, can't come wack
'Member when clubs wouldn't let me rap
Now they call me up, all on nuts
Get 'em for about ten thousand bucks
Sippin' on Dom Perigion
Five, six songs and my ass is gone
Made a wrong catch or tone, grab my phone
See if my boy Baby Beesh is home
From San Anton to the Astrodome
Smoke weed with Cheech, and hash with Chong
Two A. M. Sunglasses on
"Twice last night", that's my nastiest song
Now it's on, ask my T. Jones
Seem like the whole World on my ding-dong
[Chorus (Baby Beesh
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Something I Would Do Lyrics

South Park Mexican – Something I Would Do Lyrics