do you do What
do you say When
the time can't Be
replaced Moments
are real Wish
I was still Living
yesterday Where
do I go What
do I do When
everything has changed Know
that its real Way
that I feel I'll
carry this love With
me Always Came

home from where I've been But
will it ever be again Everytime
I remannince my heart Is
filled with joy If
only I could paint my face I
would color me in to stay Sometimes
life brings you no choice Repeat

Chorus Don't

know wuts best for me But
I know my heart Will
never leave Cause
under neath this Sky
I'll always have a Place
to call home Something
bout this love I
found It
makes me see the World
diffrentley What
can measure the ways That
I've grown Repeat

Chorus I've

become so much more A
person that i'de never Thought
I could be First
time that I found A
true heart of me Repeat

Choru 'til end
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Melissa Schuman - Always Lyrics

Soundtracks – Melissa Schuman - Always Lyrics