Everything looks bright... (2x)

Everything looks bright standing in your light
Everything feels right, what`s left is out of sight,
What`s a girl to do? I`m feeling you,
You`re on my mind

I wanna be with you,
When you`re standing next to me (It`s like wow)
Ya know your kisses seem to set me free (It`s like wow)
Cuz when we touch, it`s such a rush, I can`t get enough,
It`s like, it`s like...

Ooh ooh ooh, hey, what?
It`s like wow (3x)
Ooh, hey, what,
It`s like wow

Should I hesitate when it feels this great?
Don`t wanna make a big mistake,
Don`t wanna make ya think I`m playin` games,
I`m just tryin` to say

Pre-chorus - repeat

Chorus - repeat

Fascinated by your love, you know it`s all I`m thinking of,
Have I waited long enough? My mind and heart are all mixed up,
Feeling higher than a cloud, all my senses are like wow
Ooh, hey, what... it`s like wow.

(Ooh, hey, what)
Spoken: You know it`s all I`m thinking of

Chorus - repeat

Never felt this feelin`,
It`s real and it`s just like wow

Spoken: You know its all I`m thinking of
It`s like wow (everything feels right)
Everything feels right now
Like wow (everything looks bright)
All my senses are like,
Like wow (everything feels right)
Baby baby baby,
The way I`m feelin` you is like wow

Ooh ooh ooh,
Hey, what?
It`s like wow (2x)
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Like Wow! Lyrics

Soundtracks – Like Wow! Lyrics