I was drivin'
Getting tipsy
When suddenly
'saw this urchin
I stopped my car, hey baby
Wanna come with me?
She said O. K
My room's that way
'hope you can pay
I lack money
But then I tought "Oh shit
I don't have notes on me! "
She left her shirt
Rolled up her skirt
You want to flirt?
She asked first
Then said "You should take drugs
It won't do you any hurt"
Then we arrived
Her room was bright
And there she stripped
I took her hip
And said "I'm sorry babe
I don't have dough to sleep
Then I was thrown
She didn't loan
So I came home
But I can warn:
When you're in lack of s**
You should make it alone
© 1997 Vincent North / Soundshine Music Inc.
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Love With Charge Lyrics

Soundshine – Love With Charge Lyrics