Love, were you ever
In love with me?
Was I, in the wrong
Place at the wrong time?
You could have had better,
Ok, first of all
Don't fuck around with me,
Set me free,
Was it because
I was pushing you?
And the pushing led to,
Fucking with my friends,
Fucking with my head,
You make hurt a very good name,
And lies is your
Next best friend,
Love, I was so
In love with you,
I was, in the wrong place
At the wrong time,
I could have felt better,
No, I don't care
If you run over me,
Cut my wings,
It's me that
Have been pushed around,
And the pushing led to,
Killing all your friends,
Blowing of your head,
I make revenge
A very good name,
And hate is my
Next best friend,
You were fucking
With my friends,
So I shot you
In the head,
We make trust
A very bad name,
And separate is
Our new found friend
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Were You Ever In Love With Me Lyrics

Sounds Like Violence – Were You Ever In Love With Me Lyrics