Verse 1
From a very long time, e don tey wey I no sey God e dey plan better
Cos you smile like a princess, you move like a queen
You be ten over ten, anything anything
You be true example of an African beauty
Real example of expressional beauty
Beauty from the inside
And the beauty is divine. O na na na na na

Chorus: Mo ti ri iyawo, eni tokan mi yan. Na na na na
Mo ti ri iyawo, eleda ti yan funmi eee 2ce

Verse 2
A ring on that finger makes it much better
Me without you, is like bread with no butter ee
A ma lora wa gbo, ama ra moto
Ama bi mo lemo, roundtable
Ama lorawa gbo till I retire
Cos this our love no go expire
Ever blazing like it's fire
You be there, you go stay for me, my pillar
Take you to anywhere you desire
Lets not put off the fire, put of the fire

Verse 3
You smile as the sun, you know
You be all that I've gat, leave story
And imma take you to see my mummy
I no go ever leave you, so n gbo mi my God sent o, I love you o, do you
Love me too? 2ce

Love you 12ce love, ah ah ah ahah
Love you from the bottom of my heart
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Iyawo Lyrics

SoulTee – Iyawo Lyrics

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