I aint gettin money? What?
Where they do that at
Call up the ambulance my chain jus had a heart attack
Soulja boy sh%ttin on ya yup!
Ima a%%hole
They say they want them hits ima givem what they ask for
This lookin like a lick-
What you think the mask for-
I cook it up like grits-
Dozen, you can have 4-
Bookin up the pitch I hit the switch throw em in laso-
I take another hit? Ace hood wont kno bout cash flow-
We give em what they ask for-
Hop up out the bath go-
There he go-swag crack
Kno how much a bag for?
Sod, bucklife sh%t
We finish if you started that
Who wanna part of that!

Aint a need 2 front
Big blunts -roll plenty green-
See me after I flip?
Black diamonds in my pinky ring-
Anything I want, any chic I want
New boy
But I rather see-lola in them skinny jeans
We go hard my dog they-
Couldn't make a hit with
Baseball bats and a dodge ball-
Bucklife, sod I'm flawz
Hit man cardiac
Bring me suttin harder back
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What They Ask For Lyrics

Soulja Boy – What They Ask For Lyrics