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They Jockin' Lyrics

Soulja Boy – They Jockin' Lyrics

Niggas talking down but it really don't matter though
You talking all this pour shit I come to split your catalog
I'm getting money I'm see
I don't want no end of though
You p**sy niggas this bitch
All y'all this... And dough
You worry around and runnin' you lives
You lose this like I lose little
I got two of them, got two rags, got two bar, got two chain
I'm grindin for many and hustling for hours
I'm broken for power the world it is ours

They both fly what a... Oh
The right thing... The truck
Everybody leaning let me 'cause I came up
23 million when they pull their name up
Sorry bout what's up, sorry bout what's handing
Worry to the city, you feel sad
Everybody know, got it for the low so
Big bang rollin, and I rap west coast
7 7 says the roll, dance for the folk
And I hold em down til the day I saw
And I'm... I can't... Even though I sit a drink

I drop ten, drop ten
Gotta watch my back for the cops and them folks niggas watchin
They jockin, they jockin, they jockin, they jockin
They pluttin, they pluttin, they watchin
Uh I drop ten, gotta watch my back
For them cops and them folks gotta watchin
They jockin, they jockin, they jockin, they jockin
They pluttin, they pluttin, they watchin

If you see the face down
You know that we gonna burn it all
Didn't... Light before
I thought that he gonna turn it all
I crash the car by A mar
And that little time I skateboard
And put the... On the A floor
And met my headers gonna hate bar
I got clips Ak bananas
Roll upon your ass nigga...
I won't beat you don't want...
I'm scarface turn em Montana
I'm your own nigga and been paid
You're a old nigga and bitch made
And you walk around with this switch played
And you're scared before the kitchen fade
Is number weed in my section
I'm out of space with this jet sense
I'm old shit game and I take em real paid
Other one like a piranha bitch
Is sod is what I rap and I will never have up
You big better catch your... I roll upon is nothing this

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