I pull up in my drop top beamer soldiers tell em so cleaner
Number one you never seen her
And I’m asking chillin on the beach, catch me stuntin
And I pull up the press and buttons, every song we’re doing normal oh

And why they’re asking, niggas know that I’m that nigga
Number one hoes hit me up on Twitter I’m the one
Stay pull and fresh and this fashion
Then we pull up like is magic and we’re ready for that action
Hold on.

I make art my flow is so master piece I kill it
The only track, niggas get their fucking head pill
And they nothing I pull the press and buttons
I’m stunting and so D money can we all in and nothing

Is that dude I pull up I eat your play
Is this you face I’m stacks on that
We win the race, Lamborghini black on black
I switch the pain, niggas be talking like this bitch and pussy ain’t stay drink

I got ten chains on five rings on play my games on,
I’m on the stage you don’t go and I can’t come
I’m on the track, hey you girl stayin on my ding dong
Yeah there ain’t nothing to a G you know I give my swag on oh

We walk inside the mall they’re taking pictures
I’m like motherfucker tag, I ain’t never mad
I pull up stuntin why my haters sad,
Oh my God I’ll be balling on them niggas bitches
Would you calling in this money on my pocket water falling like fussy wall.

The real talk dough, hoes take my photos is on Facebook,
Swaggin pull up in the drag in, your face in
Come ask it, soldier boy tell em take a trip
Got a million on my hip, make my album fucking flip oh
I’m going bad boy, just like the bad boy,
Go swaggin money like ab stores just what I ask for,
I hit that bitch from the back, hit her, ht her from the back
Then I slap her on the ass, what I mother fucking stack wow

Tear it on my chest, tear it on my neck, tear it on my arm,
Damn I’m the bomb, dropping make fire like the...
Soldier tell em swan, my only pussy niggas with the gun,
Pull on fucking room, little drag, bitch I’m number one hold on.

Incredible intellectual swaggin with that ak 47, we get read of you,
Money ans cash and bitches and rabbits
You’re on my schedule, and we do this ten times 22 a head of you oh oh
I blast with cash we flash like magic, we’re ready for action
We stay packing never lacking nigags can’t let it happen,
Soldiers tell em out of base, she’s like nasty I got so many flash greens
All on plasma, all

Swag city, swag swag city
Catch me sipping on some...
But my name ain’t Diddy
Catch me chillin with 50 money, a 150 on her tittie
Soldier boy tweet her my swag hard for the city Ohh
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Mean Flow Lyrics

Soulja Boy – Mean Flow Lyrics