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Know Tho Lyrics

Soulja Boy – Know Tho Lyrics

2 x Hook:
Got a brand new watch that photo, that photo
Got a hoe signed in coco, in coco
And nigga watch never a popo, popo
Got a girl best out in photo, photo
And they cashed out in the condo, condo
A cash you like run though, run though
They already know tho, know tho
Every day in the... Floor door, floor door

They already know tho, know tho
Got a girl passed out in the photo, photo
Shout out... Info loco
And he says I came for the show tho
... For the show hoe, wow
'Cause it mother fucking doing that promo
That 1 2 3 ins on foe and ling got me slow mow
I swear I got is no joke
... 75... That's a go go
Talking that shit there's no no
Fuck around me and my bro bro
I jet part of... For four mows
Jades knocking in my trap tho
I'm turned on and I reach on
My eye got me... Looking so fro

[2 x Hook:]

My man can be in Dior
We blew up like some...
I see you in that...
I see me in the G 4
And shawty we gonna hardcore
America save a war
And talking 20 M's when I'm building a supply store
I'm ending L watch me store
I'm ceiling it make me snore
More guns of my facility, more guns than career wars
That keep that shit g with me and the reason that run for
The money I explore and the bullshit I ignore

[2 x Hook:]

Dcj like gogo, may form me in no promo
You disrespect my bro bros
Your weekends gonna get drunk though
And soulja Boy got a cold flow
But I really jet lay low, and I... So froze
30 below zero, and I get so much though
Sodceo I should be on a tv show
Because I'm in ufo
And nigga don't undergo
Them bro I'm I'ma over though
My right pocket slippage
I'm breaking real like is tight one though
You don't know much that is cold
You don't wanna store for hoe
I'll show what share the hoe
My right package is slappage though
I... Like Jasmine roll and call me the new flow
And wipe seen my chain
And they say soldier boy hole lead you
I'm getting that paper though
I'm vincing Van Gogh and... Boy...
The desire to know what I'm responsible for
Louie enter it dough and Gucci and stereo though
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