Bitch, bitch

I do this all the time, bitch
I do this all the time, bitch bitch
I do this all the time,
If you wanna be the man then stay upon your grind
Bitch, I do, I do this all the time
I I I I I do this all the time, bitch
I do this all the time, if you wanna be the man
Then stay upon your grind

Diff-diff-different day same shit
Riding through my hood then I’m tryin to make another flip,
Everybody know I keep a hundred diamonds in my chain
Money over everything, free that nigga so so mine,
Hey, hey I’ve been going through some things
Hey drop top rolling mary jane,
Hey I swear to god these niggas lane,
Hey, drop top I’ma do my thing,
Fifty kay in my jeans so I made it rain
Me me me and you we are not the same
Bitch I amke money cane
I’ma I’ma shoot up a stain,
Hey, many-many shit ain’t got me mad
Dated to my hoes, swag and cashed out to the pet, hey
Man I know my block poppin,
Gucci shoes bitch I pull up in the helicopter


I’m a, I’m a hood nigga that got bitch,
My teacher told me I wanna shit
Now I work for million bricks,
Bout a school, bout a box, bout a whole shit,
Hey you trip if you ain’t fuck with me,
My campaign looking lovely,
Hey hey fuck fuck gold, I’m a gold platinum
Money game pounds ounces what we stack,
Ain’t no way there ain’t no talking nigga,
I’m I’m in my billy while you’re walking nigga,
Put you in a cuffin nigga,
Fifty kay upon your hair I’m in my goons, awful nigga,
I’m getting money so guess that’s why they hating me,
Just the other day I thought I saw an alien...
So much money in my face I’m going... Man
I got fans in japans and australien
He’s moving too slow, so I can get it faster,
I made a mill start selling dough so I’m hustling backwards,
You niggas playing games I’m taking this trips,
I do anything I want ’cause I got a chain,
Started off a new year with a couple mill,
Light a blunt, seat back in a nigga chill
I’m going hard in the city for a dollar bill,
I gotta get it every day many shit is real,
16 now is... That’s for greatness
They-they never want to do me no favors,
So, so nigga shut out to my haters,
As what the god the... I’m getting paper,

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All The Time Lyrics

Soulja Boy – All The Time Lyrics