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She Will Lyrics

Sosamann – She Will Lyrics

Sauce Paper Route Fool
Dolph, what it do

[Hook: Sosamann]
Ask lil' momma ride for me
And she say she will
Told her bitch be down for me
And she say she will
I heard some fucked up shit today
Jesus take the wheel
I got 50 racks stashed all in hundred bills

[Verse 1: Sosamann]
Now ask my little brother Stunna
He seen me make it happen
In the 3 was bunking hard
We was fucking trapping
Now how I'm dripping with the Twinz
Got the world splashing
Spilling flavor on them haters
They don't need a napkin [Nah]
All this sauce can't clean it up
Let me tell you boy it's too much
Sipping lean out of 2 cups
Got a problem? Put your dukes up
Knock 'em out flat line
24/7 I be on my grind
Tell her to take it 'cross state lines
Tell her to flip it 'bout 8 times

[Bridge x2: Sosamann]
Get money
She Will
Twerk something
She will
Work for me
She will
If you 100
She will
Do anything for a real nigga

[Verse 2: Young Dolph]
I asked her will she drop that pack off
And she say she will
I told her when you get done just meet me back at the crib
I got 5 houses don't ask me where I live
I said can you hold this pistol
She said where the clip
I cracked the roof
Light up the weed
Then looked in the rear
I asked her can she hold these P's
And she say she will
Buying pints back to back
Steady cracking seals
Made a quarter million off a 200 dollar vacuum seal
Pull up in something stupid
Got everybody like what the is that
Same car running from the law
Parked that bitch right in front the trap
This been my lifestyle way before rap
That's why my bitch don't trust nobody and keep a strap

[Bridge x2: Sosamann]
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