Well I’ve done it this time yeah
Pray to all to keep me safe
I cannot fight this feeling and I cannot stand the wait
Tell me where I’m going will I fall into despair?
I stand alone inside my head so no one ever knows

That I’m holding on to faith to come and cleanse my soul
Please wash away my sins

When it’s over
I’ll be a tear in your eye and you will never know why
When it’s over
No matter how hard I try I might say goodbye

If I’m coming to an end, then I’m just as good as dead
How could I be so foolish? How could I even do this?
Sorry will not cut it if the blood decides to pour
I’ll make a deal with Satan so that I can let this go

When you’re holding on to faith you know there’s something wrong yeah
Save me from myself

When we are caught between what’s real and fantasy that’s when we have
To know, what’s right and what is wrong
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When It's Over Lyrics

Sorry Hollywood – When It's Over Lyrics

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