These nights I open my mind
I close my eyes and goes to these places
I see a world different
The spirit of gladness gives smiles to faces
Spirit of the liberty flies on the air
I feel so, so worth, because I can go there

I would like to be there tonight
I want, with lust I want to feel the spirit
Maybe I'm a crazy dreamer
But I want to be the prince of night

As I'm looking the skies
I have a feeling that fills my soul
There's something in my eyes
I've had a feeling that fills a hole
In this world of hopes and fears
Oh, come on my friend and let's get near

You will see, our world is gonna change
All the things will be like there
We are so strong, we have power
And we'll become princes of the night

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Prince Of The Night Lyrics

Sorrows Path – Prince Of The Night Lyrics