Met my baby at the 5 and dime
Looked so good let him skip the line
Asked for his number then I gave him mine
Cause a girl like me can’t waste no time

Days go by
Moments slide
Close your eyes
There goes life
Might be late
Take a chance
Clap your hands

Tik Tok One o’clock
Tik Tok Two o’clock
Tik Tok three o’clock
Time it don’t stop for anyone
Tik tok 5 o’clock
Tik tok 6 o’clock
One by one the seconds run
Time it don’t stop for anyone

Can’t repeat
Can’t skip a beat
What you got is all you need
Trying to make good with what I got
Tired of making circles around the block
It don’t matter if you’re ready or not
It don’t stop no it don’t stop

Can’t own it
You can use it
Some spend it
Some lose it
Once it’s gone can’t get it back
Won’t somebody tell me what to do with that

Time it don’t stop for anyone
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Tik Tok Lyrics

Sophia Danai – Tik Tok Lyrics

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