Somewhere in Texas, there's a West Va. Girl,
With long black raven hair,
And eyes that ruled my world,
One faded photograph is all that I have left.,
She's somewhere Texas with somebody else...

She left in a rage of smoke and never did look back,
Her and ole Steve Earle in a black Cadilac...
Word came driftin' back,
From down in San Antoine,
She's the queen of the honky tonks,
And I'm here alone...


Well I tried to find her,
Like any insane man,
My friends all say forget her,
But they don't understand.
They never saw that black hair,
On a white pillow case,
But it's etched across my memories,
Like satin and lace

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Somewhere In Texas Lyrics

Sonny Tackett – Somewhere In Texas Lyrics