Jivin' The Blues Track #16 2: 51
Sonny Boy Williamson (John Lee)
John Lee Williamson - vocal and harmonica
With Joshua Altheimer - piano, Fred Williams - drums
Chicago May 17, 1940
Album: 'Sugar Mama'
The Essential Recordings of Sonny Boy Williamson
Indigo Recording Ltd igocd 2014

Say now, now come 'ere
I, I just wanna talk wit' you, you know

I want to show you how to Suzy Q
Now, you watch

Ah, don't have to work your feet
You just hold up your fingers

I'm gonna show you now, you watch


I don't care nothin' 'bout your engagement ring

Oh, come o'are here
At least you can talk with me, you know

Oh, just, just let me t-t-t tell
You somethin', you know

Oh, I don't wanna marry, no way
Now, watch


None a-this, jazz
Oh, you ain't coming' at all, huh?

Oh, I know you don't love me, you love somebody
But I just wanna talk wit'ch you

Let Sonny Boy just tell you a word, hear?

Oh, that the way you do me a snub

But watch!


Yes! Yes!

I wish I'd a met you ah, much earlier
You know, than I did, ah
Maybe I'm a little too late

But I just wanna show you how to Suzy Q
Come on out, you don't have to work your feet
Just hold your fingers

Look now, I'm gon' teach you!

Now you just watch

(harmonica and boogie to end)

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Jivin' The Blues Lyrics

Sonny Boy Williamson I – Jivin' The Blues Lyrics

Songwriters: ROBERT BROWN
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