Smooth in gangsta
I'm Tony and Manollo
Box Cubin, height is on the logo
I'm not Cubin, I get it for the logo
Feeling like more Cubin
I'm just watching my dog grow
I'm a nut above
Permanent thumbs up
Like a box of gloves
And I don't always have the grip on me
I feel the box away
They're trying to stop me from being a rich homie
Been in many places, but I'm in Brooklyn song
'We made you without a budget
Most zippers watch parking tickets

Took a couple of glance and chase the upper heads
Lacks hoes and milk, don't have the bread
See the bigger pictures turning mirrors into
Smooth in gangs, I'm Patty and Deniro
'I'm rappin' like I'm on the sky line
How cheerless, they're resting like I'm the guide line
Picture me rolling, picture me flying
Picture me afraid to death
Picture me dying
Picture me loosing
I do this without a budget
'We like it, they love us

I work hard for this
I want you to know this
You know what your problem is?
Get a job!
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Forever Lyrics

Sonnie Carson – Forever Lyrics