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Rats Lyrics

Sonic Youth – Rats Lyrics

from album: Rather Ripped (2006)
When the rats run riot,
And the screen door slams
When the trees grow quiet,
Nothing but cats and cans
When the breeze says "try it",
But you can hardly see
When your love has died,
And you rat on me

I see your eyes in the half-light,
I see the number on your wall
Endless strange things I see at night,
You don't see anything at all

Shine a light into your soul
City streets so freezing cold
City shadows mark the route,
When they let the rats out

Rats, you call it love alright
That was the catch, a cold suicide

Let me place you in my past,
With other precious toys
But if you're ever feeling low, down,
In the fractured sunshine,
I'll help you feel the noise

Shine down,
You can go on home
Shine down
Go, go

Rats, you're working overtime
You are the moon beyond your mind
When the rats run riot,
And the screen door slams
When the world goes quiet,
You'll all know where I am

You could be my open road,
You could be the reason why
You could ease my heavy load
I'm gonna freeze you up now

You can let it shine,
Keep that in mind
When they let 'em out next time
You can move a little closer,
Until you're moving all up around my shoulder

City shadows mark the route
When they let the rats out
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