My home is no longer a place where refuge can be found
"You dug far too deep..."
What I stumbled upon
"Was not for your eyes to see"
I'm always on the run, 'cause something's after me
Cold shivers working its way down my very spine
I'm far away from home
I'm far from all I know
"You can't run from me"
My heart gives me away
And there's no place left to hide
"You will accept Cain's curse"
Pay the price for your ignorance
Discard all your mortal feelings

Until the end of time, we are slaves to the dark
He pulled me down, pulled me down to his world
We emerge from the shadows and we rule the night
We rule the night, rule the night together

My body degrades; organs failing
Your blood runs like liquid fire in my veins
"The masquerade unveils; share my burden, child"
Kill them all and then let God separate them
Their pain shall be legendary

As my body dies tonight
I see clearly who pulls the strings
We broke our oath
Used the forgotten keys of this world just to
Eclipse the sun for you
Black out the sun

We buried it as deep as we could
It wasn't deep enough
We buried it as deep as we could
But it wasn't deep enough

We rule the night, we rule the night
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We Rule The Night Lyrics

Sonic Syndicate – We Rule The Night Lyrics