Think a zillion times before you trust
It might just kill you
There'll be sickness and loneliness
And no love to your name
The hand you take may turn to claws
And dig in your flesh

Then she'll bring companions to share
A portion of your meat and you'll just lie there
Screaming out in pain
But it'll only disgust them more
What are you when caged?

Dare you revolt or fight for your life
They can kill you or eat you alive

There's no love to your name
The hand you took has turned to claws
Digging in your flesh
You're screaming out in pain
But it just seems disgusting now
There's nothing you can do

I see walls
I see no light
They're trying to turn my world the other side
I see souls
I think they're Gods
They're trying to pull me out of me

I trusted you without a doubt
I trusted you with all of me
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Rebel Lyrics

Sonali Vij – Rebel Lyrics

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