Two tales must be finished one an angel and the other a beast
Introductions made, now time has come to, complete the story

Pandora, if one managed to persuade, her to open the box
To gain entrance this, box is opened mankind is over

Grotesque sights horrid, twisted flesh abomination pain and suffering screams of a billion crying out all at once and flesh

Light is consumed, happiness is lost can you see her sorrow
Her only purpose, to guard this, weapon hell concentrated to a single point, the mother the first one

Condemned, naked, helpless holding, this object is, tears never ending, soon she will open, ending it all, knowledge unnerving, her patience allows her to go on

Living in love still exist one movement of her beautiful wrist will end all this
Her head is a perfect weapon
Now head in hands news spread fast

Medusa is slaying beheaded by precious only her body remains, his conscious tears at him is no prize
But it's a weapon, one could rule all nations with the monsters head,

Gift meant for the tyrants, forcing his mother to wed
Turn to stone with a single gaze, from the head, safe, in no mans hands but it's back to the heavens

Athena must, take it place onto, her shield scales, of hundreds slither, hideous daughter and sister of two, hate all mankind and he must slay them, both, rage potent

Sister lost, seeking revenge on all, who are mortal to find, and kill the one who saved
Andromeda, from, the beast, potent sister, is lost, seeking revenge, on all
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The First, The Serpent Lyrics

Son Of Aurelius – The First, The Serpent Lyrics