It's not a mystery that I found, things aren't the same when your not around everyday feels like a game I'm throwing my hands up trying to figure out who you became. It's always raining in this town, but it's not the rain that brings me down somehow you lost the heart which held our fate while mine still holds on to the days when we were so young and we were in love and we were so misunderstood.
Our hearts were so big we wore them on our sleeve we were so young and then you let me go

I said I'd love you, I said I'd be there, I said that I'd never leave

I was hoping to have you back cause I don't know what I did wrong I was hoping to see you again so we could fall in love(as we walk along this shoreline our hands connect and the stars align, I never thought this could be the end of our time)

Distance is tearing us apart, lets go back to the start
This is our fall, both you and I know it makes no sense at all
You had my heart at our first glance so give me one more chance
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You Sunk My Battleship Lyrics

Something About Airplanes – You Sunk My Battleship Lyrics

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