Happy songs mean a happy heart
But the tune is sad
Whenever lovers part

(My loving you meant only heart-)
(Your kiss was such a sacred thing)
(To me)
(I can't believe it's just a burning memory)

(What does it matter how my heart breaks)
(I should be happy)
(With someone new)
(But my heart aches for you)

My oh my, I think die
From heart-aches

I've been chokin' up
Since you decided
You love another guy

Never thought you have to be reminded
It's a sin
To tell a lie

Songs like this will make ya wanna whistle

Gonna take a trip
In a speedy rocket ship
Destination moon
And no more heartaches at all
So no more tunes

[Repeat chorus]
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Heartaches Lyrics

Somethin' Smith And The Redheads – Heartaches Lyrics