Let’s take a ride before the night is through
We pack our backs there’s nothing else to do
We saw ourselves in the corner of our eyes
A fleeting glimpse made to pass us by

But now we’re crossing over Jordan
Would you believe
The promised land’s a juke box
And it plays for free

We’re safe to take our minds off
The treacherous mirage
We’re making ground at last
We’re going in

For twenty years you wore your puzzled frown
Like you’ve lost your keys and they can’t be found
Or like you find yourself on some foreign star
You look around but you don’t know where you are

Oh God of Grace in whom we’re all received
How could we miss the forest among the trees
How could we go and build our house on sand
We heard the word but we did not understand
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Crossing Over Jordan Lyrics

Someday Jacob – Crossing Over Jordan Lyrics

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