There's too much time to ask yourself if there's too much time occupied on the problems in your head.
Are the just the problems in your head?
No one else can sense the slippery slope of past relations calling you.
I hope they carry you away.
I hope they carry you far away.
Well, I expect that I have earned some anger for the looks that I've been throwing you,
But you brushed them all away like children.
You brushed them all away.
Your children ask you now for your excuses for everything they've thought since birth.
"Well, I brushed it all away, my darlings.
Just brush it all away until you change".
We're smiling 'cause we know about your son and all your precious rain.
We're happiest with you.
Now don't go and piss it all away.
Well, as soon as I get back from London, I think I'll write a book on how I've never actually been to London.
It swallowed me and spit me out.
Half the sound was waiting here for my thoughts on all those "word artists".
Well, I'll carry them around forever.
I'll carry them around until I break.
We're smiling 'cause you're wrong about my vain intoxications.
Now, we're happiest with you,
So I'll just go and piss it all away.
We've come too far to just give up.
There's only one bullet left to finish the job.
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Only One Bullet Lyrics

Some By Sea – Only One Bullet Lyrics