With every heartbeat I beat
I beat two times for you

You make it so hard for me, baby
(Sometimes) sometimes
I don't understand
What you really want from me

(Sometimes) but whatever it is
As long as you love me
Like you love me right now
You can have it

(I know) there's something about you
That just makes me (right now)
Feel good all over

It ain't the color of your hair
It ain't the pretty clothes you wear
It ain't the color of your eyes
But, baby, there's something
More tantalizing

When I picture you in front of me
Just the way it always should be
Nothing but you, you and your baby blues
Did you hear me, baby

Oh, girl, you make my lips feel warm
There's something about you
I can't live without you
Come let me love you
Tell you all about it

Ooh, baby, no one else
Could ever take your place
Picture you in every mirror
That has your face

God knows the world
Should know it's true
My favorite colors are you
And your baby blues, oh

Oh, baby, take off
Everything you choose
But your baby blues

I like it, I like it
I like it, I like it, I like it
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You And Your Baby Lyrics

Solomon Burke – You And Your Baby Lyrics