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Serpent Crown Lyrics

Solium Fatalis – Serpent Crown Lyrics

With laser guided precision
We slaughter all that we see
A cause in which to die for
Decimate Humanity

Fractured powers that be
Subjugated by Apathy
The Carnival of Death
Exhaled poisoned last breath

Undermined systemic reactions
Bleeding for a causewith absence to empower
Eradicate all law
Ingestion placates manic kind
Empty holistic delusions
Lacerate, repress and bind
Affirmed of pragmatic solutions

Dying is a piece of mind
Genocidal social solution
Survival of the fittest
Skeletal frontline

Mass hysteria chemical reaction
Base solution befitting of a crime
Last gasp for humanity
For all of us shall die

Perished into oblivion
One last final goodbye
End all of those who cared for
And all of those who tried
Dethroned by forces meant
To destruct countless lives
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