A burning fearing misery all over me
Covered by a shell of falling leaves
Reality's snoozing
A mirror with no reflection of me
Completing memories
Blown away
My believing fades to grey
A mirror where I cannot see me

Blackened shiver on my back
Bloodred rivers fade to black
A faceless mirror never shine
This love, this line
Is it mine
Is it mine?


Come on set me free
I'm ready
Yes I'm ready
For this suffocation
I've been down already
Lost already
Completely lost out here alone
Ready to believe

A passionate neverending dream
Destination: Hellish theme
Reality just turned me down
This bleeding head now lost its crown
The leaves keep falling
This road keeps calling
I turn to you
The one I never knew


I'm ready to believe

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Set Me Free Lyrics

Soledown – Set Me Free Lyrics