Hypocrite Words and music by Michael Lambeth

You used your chance to judge them; behind their backs you criticize them and boast your so alternative ways and means.

…And then you’ll go out of your way, to look to be something special, to fit right in so easily.

Wow! Another fantastic brain storm, from the mind of an idiot moron, ‘stolen from another and now claimed to be his own.

You were this and that, ... And the fat cat sat on the mat!(Jerk!)
Another mindless shadow written on the wall.

Ignorance, stupidity, you wind up me!

So you sold our your old friend. You bit the hand that gave you a chance, ‘cause he didn’t fit your science.

It’s that time to change your image. To leave behind what now became a trend, to go out and join the minority.

A totally banal statement, but never mind it sounds so blatant;
After all – it’s what you look like man, that’s what it’s about!

Saying something about nothing. Did you get a reaction?
Or are you just face amongst the crowd?

Blandness, monotony, you tire me!

Ignorance and stupidity and 1 and 1 and 2 makes 3!
You’re a lair and a thief. You’re a Bloody hypocrite!

Misery loves company, ‘caught in fashion’s slavery.
No excuse for your deceit, you’re a Bloody hypocrite!

Promises made, made by a man who’s a lair!
Backs have been turned in goes the knife and the dagger!

You thought your better than the rest, your shallow empty jadedness!
Behind the image and the hype, a shallow person you will find.

What went around came back around, what goes around still comes around.
What went around came back around, what goes around still comes around.
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Hypocrite Lyrics

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