This is love, This is hate
This is chance, This is fate
These the rich, These the poor
This is peace, This is war
In A garden green

This is dark, This is light
This is wrong, This is right
These the strong, These the weak
These awake, These asleep
In A garden green

These to hide, These to seek
These to laugh, these to weep
These build, these destroy
This a girl, This a boy

In A garden green

These are flowers, These are weeds
These are healthy, These diseased
These will bloom, These will rot
This the tomb, This the cot

This a path, This a wall
This a plough, This a sword
This is marble, This is clay
This a throne, This a grave
In A garden green
Is God Good
Is God Bad
Is God Happy
Is God Sad
Is God Honest
Is God Sly
Is God alive
Or did God Die
In A garden green
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In A Garden Green Lyrics

Sol Invictus – In A Garden Green Lyrics