Where is it all? Where am I?
Only present to bleed
Only present to die
Only scratching the joy
Yet filled with desire
I'll be turning my head off...

I've made ways to forgive
I've made ways to forget
Ceasing the hours
Made a friend I can reach
Can you hear how it's calling?
I'll make sure it's not falling

How long will I
Turn myself around this time
Can I revive?

And then it came
Blood rushing straight
Through the eyes of pain
Moving up
Getting sane

It feels the same
But time takes a toll
On this buried flame
Lift me up
Say my name

I was longing to feel it
Crying for sleep
Finding the essence
Burned by the heat
Given the answer
Given the cause
Suddenly seeing
It was lost when I called

I'm crashing down
(Nothing to keep)
Without a sound
(I wed the weak)
When it turns out the enemy's loose
At the back of my mind it is twisting the truth

How long will I
Turn myself around this time
Can I revive?


[Solo: Wichers & Coudret]

The feeling surrounds me
Bigger than pain
Awaken by loss
Engaged to maintain
It might switch for all I know
I'll let it drown in the afterglow

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The Akuma Afterglow Lyrics

Soilwork – The Akuma Afterglow Lyrics

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