Such a plentiful domain
From the corner of one eye to the other
Wholly white
A sumptuous sea

From Lulli ohkka we go west
Cross the sea of Sieidevбrri
Through Niedб and the valleys
To Бrvas

Our corral is in Durbbonjбvri
There is Gбissбљ and Bбlggesnjunni
To the turf huts
In Bбrkб

Heed yourself on Heaikkabбkti
Avoid stumbles in the fog
The hallowed char draw you to Rissajбvri

Liigas held a dwelling
Grandmother used to play in the field
It is now left abandoned
We took home the sleds
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Tundra Of Árvas Lyrics

Sofia Jannok – Tundra Of Árvas Lyrics