To the one I love,
I'll always be here waiting
Until the gates close behind me.

Look into my eyes for the untold story.
The truth is seen, but it's so hollow.
Bury me beneath the shooting star
And wish for my hesitance to end.

Wish for it all to kill the burning lies.
Behind me is the sun,
And I gaze until the smoke clears.
Wake me so I can die inside of your arms,
Or find a way to dream with me
It's all over today,
So dress me in the starlight and light a candle,
So if I wake I'll see your shadow fading
Into the other side of nothing

I hope that tonight I'll forget about you
So things will seem okay tomorrow.
I had a dream, but I can't remember it.
I woke up looking into your eyes
And the softest touch cam
When your tears fall onto my shoulder.

I tried to speak, but the words cradled my breath
And fell back into my soul.
Take me into your arms and look behind my smile.
Tell me what you find.
Tell me you see my scars.
Tell me I am loved.
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Lucky 13 Lyrics

Society's Finest – Lucky 13 Lyrics