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Help Me Lyrics

Society 1 – Help Me Lyrics

There was once this little guy who thought
To himself, never thought a lie
And even though he lived in his head and only
Spoke about what he said
The love he had for all was true and he always
Had the time for you
Never thought of any harm to say, doesn't
Matter if it was night or day
And then something weird took place...
He tried to help a man that fell and then got punched
Right in his face
And while he was down the others started to kick him to
They started to kick his head right through
It was black and blue, black and blue
So now he doesn't feel so good
You wouldn't think that he should
From all the beating and the cheating
Lying and back stabbing to
He going to come back some day and start
To kill you, kill you

Help me!
Save me!
Help me because your never going to stop me!
Help me!
Save me!
I don't need your help!
I don't need your help!

I'll do anything oh yes I just won't stop
I'll do anything to put me right on top
I'll do it oh yes oh yes I swear
But what do you care?
Because anything I do you claim to be unfair
So I had to let you go
You cried and you said no...
I need to feel like I got something through
I also need to feel like one of the few that killed you
Killed you

Round and round I'm never going to go down
Hit me, punch me back for another round
Stab me, bite me oh what a great game
Kick me, crush me I'm the same

Save me!
Save me!
Save me!
Save me!
I don't need your help!
I don't need your help
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