I penetrate the veil of O
To create, but I fail to go
Through the labyrinth of you
Break the secret ones concealed

An aura of hallucination
Appears out of my creation
Of the draconian nation

Ornaments of the astoning
Reveal the second coming
Of our secret longing
Isis unveiled
Apophis unsealed
Osiris revealed

Isis old invisibility
And her divine ability
Light the stars of fertility

Break the...

Abysmal forces of the snake
Make her burn
At the golden stake
For the oath she had to break

Osiris corpse reach it's hand
To take me to the hidden land
To find the pearls in the sand

Break the...

Isis unveiled
Apophis unsealed
Osiris revealed
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I.A.O Lyrics

Sobre Nocturne – I.A.O Lyrics

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