This must be
The greatest day that I have known
It started
So well that something will go wrong
'cause when I get things right
I lose my appetite
That's why I felt I had to
Write this song
The day breaks
So early at this time of year
The sun's in
The sky
But then it dissappears
What did I do for these
Days of unhappiness?
Those days are gone when
Nobody would hear
My life was falling apart
Something would break my heart
Now I wait
In your arms
And lie there waiting
For the day to start
The days at
An end and
Everyone's in bed
I write down
The first words
That come in my head
And as I say goodnight
I realise they're right
These things just come to me
I don't know why
Every day
Every day
Every day
Every day
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Ode To The Day Lyrics

Snug – Ode To The Day Lyrics