Do you remember me?
That's right, baby - I'm Lola, also known as Lolita
Or Madonna, or Ginger Spice, or Britney Spears, or....
.... Anything you like, baby!

So tell me what you want, what you really really want
So tell me what you're told that you really really want

You wanna know why the stars that keep the big wheels turning
Are either dead or disposable, right?!

Well, why do you think they killed Elvis?
Why do you think they killed Kurt Cubane?
Why do you think they're gonna kill Britney Spears?

While Slipknot is out there raping your children
I'll be here with you making you swallow endless doses of happy love songs

Everybody put your hands in the air!
Sing along with me:
Shoobab shoobab, shoobab shoobab
Doobee doobee dee
You love me
Doobee doobee doo
I love you

C'mon, help me out here!
I'm working very hard for a long run
You know that may flies die after one day's fun
You, too, can make a fine buck trying your luck
For a profit-c*** who doesn't give a fuck

Believe me - it's so easy
There's nothing behind

What's on the outside is what's on the inside
What's on the inside is what's on the outside

Your surface is my depth!

All Snuff Pop Inc. Music and lyrics written by Ant Mozart Khadaffi
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Lolita Speaks Lyrics

Snuff Pop Inc. – Lolita Speaks Lyrics