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I was driving home (why oh why)
Subconscious mind telling me I tripped up in me own lies
Six and seven in the morning and you know me can't stop
I could reach back home or atop of the barber shop
Cause that's my sure thing when I met that thing had to hit that thing

What a joke thing
Why did I do the what a joke thing? Come on
What a joke thing, baby
Come make me do the what a joke thing? Hey now!
First she rocked me, then she rolled me
The she rubbed me, then she hold me
What a joke thing

Smoking in her room (high so high)
The sun rolls up across the morning floor too soon
Honey now you know me, but you know me can't stay
Had you tuggin' on my shirt but blew a kiss anyway
Cuz you're my sure thing and I can't go by, and I can't go by
Now why you wanna know why you don't see me around
Got me caught up in some traffic way cross town
An' you're my sure thing and no not a joke, no no no not a joke


On my way back home (my oh my)
Guilty conscious mind just seems to roam
Now if you hear this song and you know you can laugh
She had me sitting outside in the middle of glass
It's a joke thing, and I left that ring what a stupid thing

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Joke Thing Lyrics

Snow – Joke Thing Lyrics

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