Suddenly strange things are happening to me
Strange people are not the faces I wanted to see
Champagne, pain or drugs through the viens
How could this happen to me?
Ready or not here it comes
Temples pounding like drums at a quarter to one

(When the doors of perception are opening wide)
Took a trip lost my grip and I flip my own lid
(Do you dare to open it and see what's inside)
Took a trip lost my grip and I flipped my own lid
Flip my lid, Flipped my lid
I fell down and that's what I done did
In the morning time it makes me feel fine
In the middle of the night I feel alright

Make a move my feet never touching the ground
Try to scream my voice never making a sound
Had landslide slip my mind, lost in time
How could this happen to me?
Ready or not I'm coming through
I'm a listen to you at a quarter to two


Now I know my trip has finally unwound
Gently rest my feet land firm on the ground
As it fades to black, how to react I'm coming down
Thank god this happened to me at a quarter to three


If you want to hear stop come break down door
Can't do no more 'cause it's quarter to 4, come on
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Funky Martini Lyrics

Snow – Funky Martini Lyrics