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Murda Bizness (Remix) Lyrics

Snow Tha Product – Murda Bizness (Remix) Lyrics

Snow White!
Now don't take this shit the wrong way, you feel me?
I mean, I'm not trying to start no shit

Guess who the fuck just walked in with two Glocks
Now these bitches' faces looking long like tube socks
Throw the dub like 2Pac, hit the club got too shocked
Cause I'm up here with a snub nose fin to get you mur-rocked
Murda business what I do, cartell
I got signature delivery, you parcell,
Cause you know that snowy work the weight, barbell
Pissed off, get pissed on, R-Kell.
I'm a motherfucking problem child, got A.D.H.D.,
Y'all sleepin' on Tha Product, bitch wakey, wakey
I'mma make 'em hate me, I'm amazing they see
All that waiting ain't safe they know they can't fake me
So let me walk through stuntin', let me chalk you somethin'
Dead bodies when I'm spittin' these bitches don't say nothin'
All these rappers stay hopin' Tha Product just stop buzzin'
They like "Fuck collabs with Snow"
They be killed on their own budget
Fuck them (Fuck them)
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